Know what marketing collateral is most effective.


"Measure What Matters: Why You Should Track Your Marketing Collateral"

Marketing, sales, conversions—these all represent the hard work your team does, how your business is growing, and the value you add for your customers. However, one of the most important elements of your marketing and development efforts is your collateral, which leads us to this important question: Do you know how your sales performance is reflected in the performance of your marketing collateral? 

Not knowing how your marketing collateral is performing once it’s out there in the wild is doing your business a disservice. The good news is that tracking your marketing collateral is quite simple, and with the right tools, you can also keep your marketing assets organized in one central location.

Sounds fantastic, right? It is. With the right centralized platform, you can:

  • Amplify your sales impact by determining which assets are being used most often by your sales or field marketing teams. 
  • Increase marketing collateral utilization by knowing which assets are being ordered, how often, and even which sales reps are using which assets.
  • Streamline operations and save costs by focusing your marketing team’s efforts on creating assets that actually get used. 
  • Clear out the storage closet in your office or garage by allowing us to store, catalog, ship and receive all of your collateral

Interested in learning more? You can find out more about all that you can do with the perfect centralized platform and even how to track your marketing collateral in our free infographic, “Measure What Matters: Why You Should Track Your Marketing Collateral.”

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Using brandstash is like ordering through Amazon vs. Craigslist. It is a next-level storefront site for my reps to be able to order marketing items that are stored in the Southeastern warehouse. It makes it so easy that they only have to go to one site for ordering and fulfillment.

— Jeremy Mitchell, Marketing Resource Manager, Mapei